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Spiritual and Physical Wellness for Fitness after 40

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Physical changes become apparent to us at midlife when we wake up and go to bed with sensations, aches and pains that were nonexistent until now. Our bodies are aging and we can see and feel the decline when we look into the mirror and experience longer recovery times after any form of physical exertion.

The spiritual part does not age or wither like our bodies; on the contrary this is the time in our lives that our spiritual selves can renew our vitality and zest for life apart from our failing bodies.

Often along with physical changes there comes a general unrest within our spirits that is not to be ignored. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, this can be a new season for you. This is a season that your spirituality can mature by leaps and bounds because there is fewer worldly distractions from the general business of life.

This isn’t the time to give into fleshly desires, this is the time to press in, and seek God’s will for direction for this season in your life.

Regaining your physical health, the health that you took for granted and watched fade as you took care of everyone else in your 30’s and 40’s is not impossible to regain. Now it’s your time. This is your time to recapture the health of the physical temple that you have on loan by God. You can wake up without joint pain, or headaches, or other physical pains. You can wake up joyous and ready to serve God with the gifts that he has given you.

Ridding yourself of excess body weight, and increasing your physical activity can improve both your spiritual and physical wellness. My e-book Second Chance at Health is a good start to this process, check out the link.

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Spiritual and Health Tip: F

Forgiveness - all within my hands

F- Forgive and you will be forgiven

Luke 6:27

F is for Forgive: Forgiving yourself for your failures is as important as forgiving others. If you are on a diet or an exercise program and you fall of track,  be kind to yourself.

If a friend did the same thing you would not berate them over and over. So treat yourself as you would another.

Forgive yourself and forgive others…it makes a world of difference.

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Second Chance at Health