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Why some patients don’t take prediabetes seriously | AMA Wire

This was written for medical professionals. My clients often have pre-diabetes. I can and have helped them cure it! Read the article. If this is you, order my book and start today!

How you can help patients see the need for immediate action and connect them with the right resources for diabetes prevention.
— Read on wire.ama-assn.org/delivering-care/why-some-patients-don-t-take-prediabetes-seriously


This website is fantastic! Please read and share!

Many people, including health care professionals, don’t yet appreciate the sheer magnitude of benefit possible from simple dietary changes. Here’s a cardiologist’s version of nutrition highlights, along with some MVPs, or Most Valuable Plants.
— Read on www.gaplesinstitute.org/nutrition-isnt-optional-for-optimal-health/

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