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Meal Delivery for Fitness After 40

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Food Delivery for Fitness After 40

The convenience of home meal delivery has taken off, and 2 years ago, when my husband and I became empty nesters, we hopped on the bandwagon, and have never looked back. We have used Blue Apron from the beginning, only because they enticed us with free meals. And we have never looked back. Per my commitment to my readers, I only review or give my opinion of products that I have personal experience with. Blue Apron is the food delivery system company that we use on a weekly basis, and have since 2015. Food delivery systems can be a part of your BEST eating plan. My book, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, covers eating plans into which food delivery can be incorporated.

Convenient, healthy, good value and pure deliciousness are all ways that I describe my Blue Apron meal delivery. These meals are so delicious that most days my husband and I remark that it is hard to decide which bite to take last. Home cooked meals are healthier for you as well. Check out my other blog Home Cooked Meals and Improved Fitness After 40. 

I need to make a confession, I abhor cooking, and that might not be a strong enough word. I don’t enjoy chopping, grating, pressing or any other cooking related activity. However, Blue Apron’s food is so delicious that I will endure the process so that I can eat the gourmet dishes that are produced in my kitchen.

How Blue Apron has Enhanced My Life

Blue Apron has enhanced my life in many ways. It has  even improved my marriage. Wait. What? Yes, my husband and I do more cooking together than we ever did before, and cooking together has improved our marriage. This has occurred because we have to work together to create the meals. It has enhanced our days because the hour or so spent together chopping, cooking and cleaning has increased our communication!

So these meals are good for your body, and your marriage. It has encouraged me to eat a large variety of foods. Blue Apron has me eating more kale, spinach and fish than ever. I eat more vegetables than ever. Our use of healthy olive oil is probably in the gallons. We purchase pepper corns and pink Himalayan sea salt by the bag.

But can they be used to enhance your fitness after 40 you ask. I wholeheartedly say yes. The variety of meals offered can fit into many of the eating plans that I recommend in my book, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating.

The weekly selection is varied and even has options for Whole30. The produce is organic, the fish and meat are sustainabley produced and without additives. The portion sizes of the sides are almost always serve 3-4 (we purchase for 2 adults). The protein portions are right sized.

We find that the recipes are easy to modify to meet our calorie needs. That means I don’t eat all of it and manage portion size. That’s it. That is how you can use the food delivery system to attain and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals after 40. You can enjoy rich tasting delicious food that is conveniently delivered to your home, have very little waste and stay trim and healthy.

Blue Apron has not paid me for this endorsement, perhaps one day I will be considered and influencer and they will, but for now…my opinion is…give it a try.

Benefits of Blue Apron

Blue Apron meals are versatile and can be incorporated into many special eating plans. They can be incorporated into a low carb, high protein, low calorie, Whole30, vegetarian, vegan or Paleo diet. The food is delivered weekly in a refrigerated box, which can easily be recycled. There is no waste, the produce is fresh and delicious, the meats and fish are high quality. The variety of meals available makes selection easy even for the pickiest of eaters. The directions are clear and easy to follow. The time to prep and cook are reasonable at the worst and fast and quick at best. Clean up is a snap because it usually is just one pan (at most two).

How it Works

Blue Apron offers pre-packaged meals with minimal to moderate preparation required. Usually 30-45 minutes total time. They offer packages for two and for families. The cost per meal is around $10. Meal selection is easy, and can be changed week by week. You can customize your selections up to the week before your scheduled delivery. You select your delivery day, and they will adjust the actual date if there is a holiday interrupting the scheduled. The meals come with large, easy to follow instruction sheets, and are also available on their app. They have a video instruction on preparation techniques and also a store where you can purchase cookware, spices.

There are many meal delivery companies out there, give them a try. They can easily fit into any eating plan, they can fit most budgets, and they can make you feel like a chef.

Bon Apetit!

Order my book and see how to incorporate meal delivery into a weight loss program of your choice!

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