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Spiritual and Health Tip: F

Forgiveness - all within my hands

F- Forgive and you will be forgiven

Luke 6:27

F is for Forgive: Forgiving yourself for your failures is as important as forgiving others. If you are on a diet or an exercise program and you fall of track,  be kind to yourself.

If a friend did the same thing you would not berate them over and over. So treat yourself as you would another.

Forgive yourself and forgive others…it makes a world of difference.

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Second Chance at Health

Warning: If you Don’t Like Spiritual Content Don’t Read This

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Warning: Controversy: eat less and move more and gain spiritual strength

Eating less and exercising more. Yes. I said it.

There are a lot of specialists who want to check you DNA, check your blood type and smell your arm pits to help you determine the best eating plan for you.

I have a cheaper, less invasive, less gross, and possibly a very radical idea, eat less and move more. It is radical, and it’s biblical.

The Bible says not to be a glutton or lazy. So I have learned that there is nothing new under the sun, and that we can rely on the creator God to instruct us simply on how to take care of the physical bodies.

Our society has become so politically correct, we have changed the words that describe our less than attractive attributes to be less, well…. less offensive.

Instead of being a glutton we are overeaters, or emotional eaters, or stress eaters.

Instead of being lazy we too busy to exercise, or we are hard workers.

Using these terms allows us to sugar coat (pun intended) our real behaviors. In our soul of souls, we know when we are being a glutton and when we are being lazy.

The Truth shall set you free; the truth is Jesus Christ, and his Word.

Try it next time you want to eat that whole box of Oreo cookies (because I have), or want to lie on the couch for a weekend Netflix binge, tell yourself, “Don’t be a glutton and don’t be lazy”.

If you do this more often, your mind, body and spirit will benefit.

Confession and repentance can result in a changed life, both spiritually and physically.

Speak the truth to yourself, see where it leads you!

Repentance can result in a changed life, both spiritually and physically.

Speak the truth to yourself, see where it leads you!

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Spiritual and Nutrition Tip -C



C- Cast all your care on Him, for He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

C is for Choose: Choose your foods wisely. I heard that focusing on things that grow, walk, swim or fly will vastly improve your dietary intake. And NO although Cheetos resemble carrots (this is a Tim Hawkins reference for those in the know), they are NOT. So eat foods in their simplest most unprocessed forms.

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