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Say NO to Scientific Food and YES to Clean Eating after 40!

scientific food
We live in the age of technology and this has diffused into our daily lives and it even includes our food. In this blog I will tell you why eating clean eating long term is better than scientific food.

In my book, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I recommend diets and eating plans that are successful. The incorporation of real, whole foods is recommended.

Scientific Food

We have “scientized” (I don’t think that is a real word) our lives so much, we want scientific data on how to eat, drink, and even raise our kids.  We are under the impression that more information will improve our health and lives, but I do not see that happening at all! I have seen that all of this data causes confusion and stasis as people don’t know where to start!

My sister recently asked me how to prepare for a surgery that she is having, as she suffers from nutritional deficiencies and she asked for my recommendations. I encouraged her to ensure that she is eating enough protein and I suggested protein shakes. Protein shakes are one of these dietary supplements that are very popular and are marketed for people to use to help them lose weight when used in place of a meal, build muscle or simply as a meal replacement for busy people.

Protein Drink Dangers

My favorite nutritionist told me about shakes and I found the article below! It was a consumer report article that, although written in 2010, has some fabulous common-sense information in it (supported by science no less). This article discusses some risks that they identified when reviewing common protein drinks. The article discusses the dangers of the health risks related to the heavy metals they found in the shakes. They state that we often eat too much protein and that there are less expensive ways to obtain the proper amount of protein from a wide variety of foods!

High Quality Food

One can easily consume enough high-quality protein from food way less expensively than protein shakes, such as eggs, chicken, yoghurt, and milk! If she was a vegetarian she could consume plant based complete proteins such as quinoa, rice and beans, Ezekial bread, peanut butter sandwich, hummus and pita and more!

As a health professional and a self-professed fitness and health expert, I say eating a variety of foods in their natural state is the best advice for most people.

My book called Second Chance at Health: Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, emphasizes that choosing clean foods to use in the variety of diet/eating plans that I recommend is superior to relying on scientific food! I believe that scientific food is appropriate for convenience and short term use. However, a sustainable eating plan change to manage health should include a diet loaded with clean foods!

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Parents! Your Fitness Matters!

sport family
Good news parents! You are super influential in your children’s lives and influential in their health! The studies show that there are significant ways mothers impact their children’s health, and it is by being healthy first!

There are five areas of a mother’s health that appear to have the biggest influence!

Her size (they studied Body mass Index- BMI- a simple height to weight ratio)
• Smoking habits
Eating habits
• Alcohol habits
• How active she is

One study showed that when a mom was healthy, which means that her BMI was between 18-25, she was a nonsmoker, she ate a healthy diet, did not consume alcohol in excess (for women, moderate drinking is less than one serving per day), and she was physically active and encouraged her kids to participate in sports, then her children had a 75 percent lower chance of being obese!

Taking care of yourself will set your children up to become the best people that they can be and avoid the health implications of obesity later in life!

My book, Second Chance at Health Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, can help you if you are overweight and underactive!

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Tanita Scale and Health Management

scale f
BMI Versus Tanita to determine Fitness or Fatness

Body Mass Index or BMI is a common term  in the medical field when discussing fitness and degree of health. The BMI is simply a height to weight ratio. While being a good starting point, BMI certainly does not take into account other important aspects of health.

In this blog I will discuss how using a scale like the Tanita scale can offer much more insight into ones fitness and health status.

I love to use the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger! When he was a beast, in the 1970’s his height and weight ratio, that is his Body Mass Index (BMI) had him at >30, which put him in the obese category. Clearly the man, at his peak of training, was anything but obese and this illustrates that not all pounds are equal.

Tanita Scale

One of my favorite tools to use to assist in determining health status is the Tanita scale. If you’ve been reading any of my blogs you will know that I highly recommend this scale. It has useful data about body composition in addition to the BMI.

Monitoring your body composition is an important aspect of health management. The Tanita company is one provider that has this technology in the bag. According to their website they have been in business since 1944, and their only business is scales. Please see their website link at the end of the article.

The technology uses bioelectrical impedance to determine body composition. This type of body composition assessment has support of science and study validation. Their website states that their accuracy is within 50-100 grams!

As you know if you’ve been reading my blogs and Facebook posts, I only talk about what I have personal experience with and this Tanita brand is what I have used professionally and personally.

Professionally I began using this scale when I worked at a fabulously successful weight loss franchise in Austin, Texas, Med-Weight Loss: The One that Works! They use the professional Tanita scale product. This is one of the program tools that really helps people stay on track. The Tanita scales offer important information about the body. The following information is what I find the most helpful.

The parameters that I find helpful include:


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Fat Percentage

Metabolic Age

Fat Mass

Visceral Fat Rating

Fat Free Mass

Ideal Body Weight

Muscle Mass

Physique Rating

Total Body Water Percentage

Total Body Water

Bone Mass

How Does this Magic Work?

It does seem like magic, but there is science behind it. The Tanita scales use bioelectrical Impedance to determine body composition. This is a safe low level electrical signal that enters your body through your feet for the step on scales and your hands for the hand-held types. The signal passes quickly through tissue that is high water content, like muscle and body tissue and more slowly through less hydrated tissue. The computer calculates the difference in the return rate and determines the body composition based on this information.

These scales should not be used if you have any implanted medical device such as a heart pacemaker. Additionally, it is not recommended that pregnant women use this technology!

Why Do I Recommend Using the Tanita Scale?

I recommend using scales that give this data because weight alone is not the best indicator of a healthy body! Being overfat can cause a multitude of serious health issues. Analysis can reveal if body composition is in the healthy range. The Tanita scale will reveal your body composition which can reveal your health status. This can show you whether you are fit or fat.

For example, being skinny fat, means that one is normal weight but they have higher than acceptable body fat percentages. This normal weight person then has an increased risk for developing some of the same serious health condition associated with being obese.

In average cases the BMI is a fabulous starting point to assist in determining if exercise or eating plan adjustments need to be made, but for specific plans I recommend using the Tanita scale information! Indeed, if Arnold Schwarzenegger had his weight measured on the Tanita scale, I am sure his body fat percentage would be lower than 8% (that is a guess so don’t hold me to it and but the internet estimates it between 6-8%).

Which Tanita Scale?

The Tanita scale company provides many options for models that offer the parameters that I listed.  Some models have more features, and some of them are blue tooth ready.

I use the professional models which are priced in the thousands. Consumer models vary in price and are much more affordable. Consumers can choose models from under $100 to under $600 for the top models. 

In my opinion, the Tanita brand is the Cadillac of scales that offer these features, and in keeping with my brand of recommendation, I have used it with success and recommend purchasing one of these machines. (Oh and I am certainly not paid for this recommendation….they don’t know me from Adam, but tell them nursechrisp.com sent you!)

If you are middle aged and are healthy and want to stay that way, using the Tanita scale can help.

If you are middle aged and have some health issues, my ebook Second Chance at Health: Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating can help you!

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I look forward to hearing from you!

And just for the record if you have any medical electronic implantable devices… or are pregnant… DO NOT USE THIS SCALE…