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Why some patients don’t take prediabetes seriously | AMA Wire

This was written for medical professionals. My clients often have pre-diabetes. I can and have helped them cure it! Read the article. If this is you, order my book and start today!

How you can help patients see the need for immediate action and connect them with the right resources for diabetes prevention.
— Read on wire.ama-assn.org/delivering-care/why-some-patients-don-t-take-prediabetes-seriously

Endurance and fitness after 40

Being Fit May Be as Good for You as Not Smoking http://news.doximity.com/entries/14783207

When I assist people to lose weight and increase activity and they are smokers, I don’t ask them to quit smoking at the same time! Too much change and stress may lead to failure on all changes. Usually the smoking stops on it’s own accord when health gains are seen!

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