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Lean and Fit Body After 40! Try The Tracy Anderson Method

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You can attain a lean and fit body after 40! I have a found a program that will improve your fitness level! This program will give you an incredibly lean body after 40 (or at any age for that matter!).

In early 2016 I was in my mid 40’s, after moving to a different city, starting a new job, I was feeling overworked and under exercised. I had gained some weight and was not happy with myself at all! When I looked in the mirror and lamented that I would ever have a lean and fit body again! It was all about to change!

In spring 2016, I began doing Tracy Anderson’s Precision workouts at the behest of one of my favorite nutritionist co-workers! Her secret was the Tracy Anderson method. She opened my eyes to Tracy Anderson’s magical work outs. The Precision program, which is Tracy Anderson’s beginner program, is the one that I started. This is a beginner program in which Tracy Anderson is much more instructional in describing the movements.

Who is Tracy Anderson?

Tracy Anderson is a fitness guru to the stars who has made her fitness program available through online classes, DVD’s and she also has in person group sessions at major cities. With her background in dance her movements are very graceful and she uses dance/ballet terminology for her instructions. She has dance work outs and diet advice as well, but I do not use those programs and will not speak to them in this blog. Her goal was to help people obtain long lean muscles, and she is successful! Her clients and followers attain and maintain lean and fit bodies!

Don’t worry if you have no dance background, like me, it is still easy to follow along. She changes the routine every 10 days as to not allow for muscle memory to develop. She uses no weights or maximum of 5 pounds to develop long and lean muscles rather than bulk.

The primary reason that I love using Tracy Anderson programs as a primary part of my fitness program is that the movements are within the normal range of motion movements for each limb. As a middle-aged woman, I became very aware that I was losing strength and at higher risk for injuring my joints. Above all, I also knew that strengthening my muscles can also protect my joints. Her movements strengthened my arms and shoulders without the fear of damaging my joints. My arms became amazingly sculpted, lean and toned to boot! I now had my lean and fit body back!

Use Tracy Anderson Work Outs for a Long and Lean Fit Body!

Her work-outs are generally 30 minutes in length, she has background music, but I mute it and listen to my own mix! Her work-outs target specific areas that women struggle with and calls them abcentric, hipcentric, glutecentric and omnicentric.
The workouts spend additional time focusing on these areas. I personally purchased the hipcentric.

Her work-outs are incredibly challenging and it took me 8 weeks of performing her Precision arm video before I could comfortably complete the whole 14-minute work out! After, I progressed through her beginner work outs on YouTube I purchased her DVD’s from her website. I purchased her 2.0 and 3.0 versions.

I highly recommend this type of workout for middle age people as it offers movement that will build strength, improve joint mobility and make you look awesomely toned in about 30 minutes most days of the week.

It is not a burden to pop that DVD in and start! It is a part of my day that I look forward to!

Click on Tracy Anderson and begin your journey using a safe and effective method to attain a lean and fit body after 40 (or any age).

This is one of the programs that I recommend in my ebook called Second Chance at Health- Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating!

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Abs After 40


Once we hit our forties, we have to admit that our physiques are harder to maintain than ever before. It seems as if our abs disappear. What worked in our twenties and thirties does not seem to be working in our forties! Is it over? Are we destined to fade away  flabby into our senior years?

I say NOOOO! As we age, our hormone balance changes, which is natural, and along with those changes body composition will also change. Mid-life does mean that there will be gradual increased fat deposits and muscle loss (called sarcopenia). However, we can maintain healthy and attractive bodies beyond our middle years with some adjustments to our diets and exercise regimens. In my book Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I discuss diet and exercise regimens that work for middle aged people.

In my experience middle age men and women will often ask me what the best exercise, and my answer is the one that you will do. They laugh, I laugh, but it’s true. More knowledge is not going to change your middle. Applying your knowledge will!

The Six Pack Abs are Just in the Cooler

Abs after 40 are NOT impossible to obtain! The first bit of information that a middle aged person should obtain is their body fat percentage. I have found that many of my clients do not have an absence of abdominal muscles, but as the saying goes “their four or six pack is just in the cooler”. If this is the case, and there is abdominal fat around the trunk of the person versus visceral fat, which I will discuss later in the article, then lowering the body fat will often be what reveals their abdominal muscles.

Body fat percentage recommendations vary depending on age and gender. But generally speaking for an adult middle aged male,  the body fat percentage should be between 8-19.9%. The body fat percentage for adult females is between 23-33.9 %. When body fat percentage is higher than these, the muscles that are there are covered in fat tissue!

The Tanita scale is a specialized scale that will give you data using electrical impedance to determine many parameters, but the ones that I find most important are total body fat and visceral body fat percentage (for this article). Visceral body fat is the fat that is located around the body organs in the abdominal cavity. Those with high visceral body fat tend to be apple shaped, and have a large protruding round abdomen. This type of abdominal fat is more resistant to fat loss than fat that is not considered visceral fat. Losing visceral fat is not impossible, but it takes more dedication and more time to lose than the other type.

Lose the Cooler

The way to reduce body fat is by changing your diet! So my suggestion for those with body fat higher than their recommended is to LOSE to the highest number in the range, 19.9% for males and 33.9% for females, and then assess how you feel about your abs! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised that they ARE there, and had been all along! If you feel that you want more definition, and then seek to be closer to the lower end of the normal range.

For those with visceral fat, your goal will be the same body fat percentage; however, losing fat in the abdomen will be later than in other areas of the body. Some men will feel frustration that they lose their butts and then still have a large protruding belly initially. However, I tell them to persevere because eventually the visceral fat will disappear. Once the visceral fat and the protruding abdomen disappears they can remodel their bodies through proper exercise.

So how do you get abs after 40? FIND them! Lose your body fat to within normal range and on the lower range if you want smashing abs.

Good Ab Exercises to Do

Of course I have some suggestions to build them as well! The best exercises for abs over 40 include the old school sit ups, crunches, side crunches, lower leg lefts, flutter kicks and planks (regular and side)! The BEST exercises for abs are the ones that you will do.
You can start out with 3 sets of 10 progressing to 5 sets of 10. My rule of thumb for the number of repetitions that I aim for is my age! Progress to doing the number of repetitions to your age in years! That way you will always be doing more! So your goal will be 3 to 5 sets of say 42, then next year 43 and so on!

Mid-life is not the time to give up on yourself, indeed, at mid-life you can take your second chance at health and head into your retirement years looking and feeling awesome! You won’t be looking like a twenty something, but you will look and feel like a healthy 50 something!

I have written a book just for us in middle age, called Second Chance at Health: Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating! In my book you will find suggestions for eating plans and exercise plans that can help you get your body fat percentage to within normal limits to find those abs!

Order my book now to discover the BEST diet and exercise plans for YOU!

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