How not to be Invisible

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This has been on my mind lately, and I could not even add my usual tag line “for fitness after 40”, because feeling invisible can happen at any age.

To be a healthy human being, emotional health is as important as physical health. And like physical health there are actions that you can take to improve your emotional health. The actions that I will discuss in this post will take you from feeling invisible to being an important part of someone’s day.

The change starts with YOU. In order to positively change your life…you need to change.

Step Number 1:

Practice smiling in the mirror before you leave for work. Practice a real smile, one that lights up your eyes and crinkles the corners. Practice this smile as many times as you need to, I do it 48 times because I am 48.

Step Number 2:

While at work, when someone approaches your desk or walks into your office, stop what you are doing and give them your full attention with the smile that you practiced in the morning.

Step Number 3:

Greet your husband/wife/kids/mother/father with that same smile, regardless of how your day went. When you see them you can create a special moment for them with your smile.

Step Number 4:

When you are being served by an employee, greet them with that smile that you practiced that morning. Look them in the eye and smile, really smile. They will appreciate your expression of kindness.

Step Number 5

Just before you go to sleep at night, give yourself that smile and feel your body relax as you drift off to sleep.

How does smiling make you not invisible? Feeling invisible means that you are not present in a situation, it means that there is no connection between you and other people.

In America, a smile, a genuine smile connects souls. Connection with your fellow human beings creates positive feelings. Positive feelings create emotional health.
How not to be invisible?

Smile. Try it…

CBD Oil and all it’s Hype…

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CBD oil use has been a hot topic in my field of medicine (occupational health), and in the media. There are highly valuable studies supporting the use for a wide variety of ailments, both physical and mental.

I began researching mechanism of action, types, benefits, risks etc. and quickly realized that I had fallen into a rabbit hole.

Then thankfully I discovered the link below. I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel.

Here is an article that is a fantastic overview of the most common uses and benefits of this treatment.

The Wellness Mama has done the research and written a clear, concise and interesting article about this oil.

Click on the image to go to her article.

Cannabis leaves

If you are taking or thinking about taking this product because you experience pain, consider taking steps to improve your health through clean eating and active living. In my book I guide readers to discover the programs that they will enjoy.
Check out my sales page and perhaps I can help you.

Click on the cover below to read more about my book.


Look-alike Medicines- a funny post😂

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Man playing golf

Medicines that look similar can have adverse consequences if taken by mistake. I had a fellow blogger recommend that perhaps I add some levity to my posts. Of course I was able to recall one that still fits in with the theme of my blog (all things health and wellness) which includes medication safety.

When my son was in high school he was on the golf team. On tournament days, the team left from the country club very early in the morning, usually around 5 a.m. My husband or I  alternated taking time off from work to attend his tournaments. It was my turn to be able to cheer him on (quietly of course).

The first tee off usually didn’t start until 9 a.m. and so I didn’t leave the house until after my son left. When I went into the kitchen that morning, I noticed a bottle of medicine on the counter. I picked it up to put it into the cabinet and noticed that it was Colace- a stool softener. I didn’t give it much thought and put it away and headed to the golf course.

The previous week, my son had been experiencing some tendonitis in his elbow due to the many hours of practice to be able to rank to attend the tournament. You know where I am going with this now.

Close Up of Ibuprofen Pills

When I arrive at the golf course, my son greets me with a pained look on his face. He is gripping his abdomen and tells me he doesn’t feel very well. I asked him if he took some stool softener this morning. He said, “No, I took Ibuprofen, for my elbow, but it’s not helping at all”. I gasped (and stifled a giggle). I asked him, “How many did you take?”. He replied “Eight”.

Of course I informed him that he did not take eight Ibuprofen, but eight stool softeners. I told him that was the source of his stomach problems and that he will be experiencing diarrhea for the morning hours (at least). I notified his golf coach that my son will be needing immediate assistance to the restrooms between holes and informed him of the situation.

Coated red tablet and brown bottle on dispensing tray

When I got home after the tournament, I went to the cabinet and found the two bottles. They were both generic, with similar turquoise writing, and when I inspected the tablets themselves, they were almost identical. You can even see from these stock photos, how similar they are. At 5 o’clock in the morning, one could easily mix them up.

I also made sure to tell him that eight of any medicine is too much, more is NOT better.

Although this is a humorous story, medicine that look a like can cause harm, so be aware of what you are taking. Read the labels.

Believe me this story will be told at his wedding.

Please comment and let me know what you think.

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woman exercising with jump-rope outdoors

Physical activity is an important aspect of life, and getting enough of it can seem impossible. I have discussed many benefits of physical activity. You should read my other posts, Improved Muscle Strength,  Post Exercise Hypotension and of course in my book, Second Chance at Health. Now I have one more benefit to share with you, it can lower your cholesterol!

Exercise and Cholesterol Reduction

A single bout of aerobic exercise can result in immediate decreases of  blood cholesterols. Specifically, the triglycerides decrease by 10-25%, and high-density lipoproteins  increase (HDL- the “good”cholesterol). These changes were noted after 1-2 days for untrained and trained adults. They expended between 350 kcal – 500kcal and 1000 kcal respectively per exercise session.

This research article did not describe what exercises they did, but the exercises that could expended this number of calories varies. It could include walking at a fast pace, 4.5 -5 miles per hour for 1 hour, gardening for 1 ½ hours, biking at 14-16 mile/hour for 30 min, or jumping rope for 30 min.

How does this translate into real life?

I suggest that if you are trying to regain your health, that you focus on adding additional activity to your day. If you work long hours and want to just sit on the couch when you get home, you have three options.

  1. Opt for increasing your exercise during the day with NEAT, (taking the farthest parking spot, taking the stairs, standing at your desk, taking a walking lunch, using the farthest restroom).
  2. Exercise BEFORE you go to work.
  3. Or every commercial do squats, jumping jacks, arm circles, burpees, sit ups. You get the picture. Even if you did this every other day, you will have your body working for you for a day or two after.

Choosing an active life style that includes eating wholesome foods most of the time can greatly reduce your chances of needing medication support as you age. If you opt to adopt an active lifestyle with wholesome foods, then you could even reduce or eliminate any medications prescribed for many diseases.

I have written a book that can guide you to the best exercise and eating plans for your individual likes, needs and desires.

Order your book now to seize your second chance at health.

Bounds, RG, Grandjean PW, Obrien BC, Inman C, Crouse SE. Diet and short term plasma lipoprotein-lipid changes after exercise in trained men. Int J Sport Ntur Exerc Metab 2000:10:114-27.

Aging Gracefully After 40

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Happy young couple exercising outdoors, using a park bench to do

Aging after 40- How to do it gracefully. Aging happens. Period. In my book Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating I can help you ensure that as you age you remain as healthy as you can be.

There are telltale signs of aging. Some accept it gracefully and some are going down kicking and screaming. I vacillate between the two. One of my peers told me that there are three signs of a woman over 40. Crooked bottom teeth, bat wings and a fat belly. I cringed.

I began to think about the reasons for those three physical signs and wondered to myself why those three changes occur. Then of course asked myself if there is anything that can be done about such obvious issues! Thankfully there are.

Body changes occur continually, but after 40 there seems to be an acceleration of hormone changes. These changes invariably result in the classic signs of aging. These changes do occur at different ages for many, but generally it will happen to us all!

In this post I will just discuss crooked bottom teeth, bat wings and belly fat.

 What Can be Done?

Crowded Teeth

Crowding and tooth movement often occurs as bone loss occurs due to hormone changes. Our hormones affect how our body functions and even affects our bones.  Along with tooth changes from bone loss in the jaw, women may begin experiencing joint pain.

For crowded teeth braces are an option. Adults wearing braces have increased incredibly over the years. Additionally, you should obtain a vitamin D level. You can get this at your doctors or you could go to my Ulta Lab Website and have it done without and order. If the result is abnormal, then you could take the result to your primary care doctor and seek his advice on treatment. You should also consider increasing your body weight exercising, like walking or running. These activities can improve bone calcification as the body responds to the impact on the skeleton and can rebuild the bones. Ensuring that you consume foods that are high in calcium is also needed. If you want to take a calcium supplement, make sure to take one that has good reviews.

Bat Wings

Bat wings, the area behind your arm, can be improved the fastest with push-ups. Focusing on triceps exercises will improve the wiggly arm syndrome. Such exercises can be done without gym equipment.  You can use light weight hand weights and do the triceps extension. If you like to go to the gym and have equipment there, you can do pulley triceps extensions and lat pull-downs.  Start slowly and build up your strength. It will take a while to firm up that muscle.

Menopause Belly

The distribution of fat changes when estrogen wanes during peri-menopause and menopause. Often the fat is now deposited disproportionately from the hips, thighs and buttocks to the abdomen. There is nothing simple to ward this one off. Focus on increasing the intensity and the frequency of your exercise. Ensuring that you monitor your diet is important.  Balance energy and energy out. Pay attention to serving size, and food choices. Sadly, as we age we will need to eat less and exercise more. It’s a harsh reality. But if you are willing to accept this, then you can make better choices.

So, whether you are one who is accepting your changing body, or if you are the one who is fighting it…ensuring that you stay healthy, is ultimately the most important. Maintaining a healthy weight and having adequate vitamin D levels, and adequate strength to prevent injury is very important at mid-life.

Aging happens. Period. In my book Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating I can help you ensure that as you age you remain as healthy as you can be. Click on the buy book now button and purchase it to begin today.

Insulin Resistance and Fitness After 40

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Blood sample test and empty tube blood for blood test screening.

The human body is amazing and complicated and when if functions properly we feel healthy. However, when there is an interruption in function we begin to feel unwell. One common condition involves changes in how our body responds to insulin. When our bodies fail to manage insulin properly, this is insulin resistance and our health  will begin to deteriorate.

Insulin resistance occurs when the body loses the inability to respond properly to the hormone insulin. It is often related to obesity, although there are other medical causes.

Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes type 2 but it is not inevitable. With changes in diet and activity level, and perhaps medication, you can reverse insulin resistance. In my book, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I provide you with tools and ideas how to find the best eating plans and movement plans that can ameliorate this condition.

I will discuss the type of insulin resistance that is seen in overweight and obese adults in this post, and what you can do to avoid it or improve it.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas that is produced to transport sugar into the cells for use as energy or to be stored as fat. When the cells become resistant to insulin, two significant changes occur. First, the insulin levels rise in order to have more available to transport sugar, which does help in the short term, but then the body becomes even more resistant. Subsequently blood sugar elevations occur as the cells are unable to use the sugar in the blood, and this is when pre-diabetes and diabetes is diagnosed. Too much sugar in blood negatively affects nerves, the cardiovascular system and more.

It is known that elevated insulin (hyperinsulinemia) and insulin resistance often precedes diabetes type 2. Hyperinsulinemia can be identified with the measurement of insulin level by a lab test. You may go to my Ulta Lab Test NurseChrisP site to determine your insulin level and then present the results of the test to your doctor for his/her direction of your care.

What does Hyperinsulinemia or Insulin Resistance Feel Like?

There are no symptoms of insulin resistance. Any symptoms that do appear are related to the elevated blood sugar that ultimately occurs when the sugars cannot be moved out of the blood into our cells and used. The symptoms of elevated blood sugar include fatigue, difficulty concentrating and hunger. Measurable signs include elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and fat around the middle. These are also the signs for a condition called Metabolic Syndrome.

What can Cause Insulin Resistance?

Poor diet and lack of exercise and the resulting obesity can cause this condition. Additionally chronic stress can play a role too. Steroids taken for other medical conditions can also contribute. Certain diseases, such as Cushing’s Disease or Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease can also be a factor.

How to Avoid Insulin Resistance

Avoiding insulin resistance that is related to inactivity and obesity is as simple as maintaining a healthy weight and living an active lifestyle. Using BMI (Body Mass Index) can be useful as a guideline and maintaining a BMI of less than 24.9 is the recommendation. Activity should be, at a minimum 150 minutes of moderate exercise or equivalent per week. 10K steps per day is a great goal to set.

If you already have insulin resistance simply increasing your daily physical activity can improve your insulin sensitivity. One study has shown that insulin sensitivity increases by 20% after just one hour of aerobic exercise and persists for approximately 20-48 hours thereafter,

Lab testing recommendations

Blood testing is the only way to determine if your blood sugar or insulin level is elevated.  Fasting blood tests are the most accurate. Fasting for 8-12 hours will give you the best and most reliable results. If you have a fasting blood sugar that is over the normal, it is recommended that you recheck it every 2 years. That is not frequent enough for me. I do not recommend waiting for 2 years to go by before addressing it. If you have elevated blood sugar or elevated insulin levels, lifestyle changes should be made immediately and then I recommend rechecking again in 3-6 months. Ulta Lab testing offers a Metabolic Syndrome Package with insulin.

However, lab testing is not necessary. If you are obese, have a waist circumference of more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men, with confirmed high cholesterol, you can fairly say that you have insulin resistance.

Reversing Suspected or Confirmed Insulin Resistance with Lifestyle Changes

Reversing suspected or confirmed insulin resistance is simple.  Halting insulin resistance that is not related to another serious health condition it possible.  Changes to diet and activity level are recommended to improve how our bodies handle insulin and sugar.

The recommended diet changes include ketogenic diets, very low carbohydrate and very low calorie diets. Significant exercise and a healthy diet can reverse insulin resistance.

Simply increasing your physical activity daily will improve your insulin sensitivity, even if you don’t lose any weight. Aim for 40-60 minutes per day. Dividing up the physical exercise through out the day is an option that yields similar benefits.

By using my book, the Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating , you can choose the best diet and the best exercise that can possibly reverse the condition and  reduce your risk for this condition.

If you are overweight or obese, and feel fatigued and have difficulty concentrating why not check your insulin level?

Visit your.  doctor and ask if he or she is concerned about this condition. You may also use my lab test link here Ulta Lab Test NurseChrisP and check for yourself. You could also measure your waist at just above your hip bones, and if you are over the recommendation, and obese (BMI <30), have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, then you most likely are insulin resistant to some degree.

Disclaimer: always seek care from your primary care provider for any health issues or concerns that you have.

In summary, lifestyle changes will improve or eliminate insulin resistance that is not the result of another serious health condition. Improving or eliminating hyperinsulinemia can help you avoid the progression to diabetes.

Order my book now to reduce your risk for diabetes by choosing to love active living and clean eating!

Ross Can J Cardiol 2008 PMC: 2794451).

A “NEAT” Way to Improve Your Health

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Housewife lifting a sofa and vacuuming underneath it


This was a guest post for Coleman Ashworth, the owner and operator of South Coast Pressure Washing . Thank you for allowing me to tell you about a method to get fit and healthy after 40! I am here to tell you that don’t have to spend hours at the gym! I will show you how you can use Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis in your life and feel better as a result!

Do you feel tired? Are feeling sluggish? Do you need more energy to do the things you love to do? Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT can improve all of these troubles and make you feel better! NEAT is a method that you can start using today to get fit and healthy!

What is Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or “NEAT”?

Neat is the energy that we use that is not related to sleeping, eating or exercise. Historically, adults and children did more physical work! We did more of our own housework, lawn care, and fewer people had cars! If you ask them, it was up hill both ways! Basically, NEAT includes activities that we did as kids and what our parents and grandparents did to stay lean and mean in the 1960’s!

Go find and old movie and you will see very lean adults and children! They never had went to LA Fitness or spent hours on a treadmill.  But really, there was more activity in a day and no one was heading to the gym to work out until the 1980’s.

WHAT changed? The amount of NEAT changed that’s what!
Fast forward to 2018, and you see few lean adults and a few skinny kids.

Modern conveniences gave us more time to pursue what made us happy…but in return we have sacrificed our health.

Alright, I don’t want to do laundry like my grandmother did, with an open basin, a wringer and a clothes line…and we can’t go back in time. I certainly don’t want to live off the grid without modern conveniences, so how do we become more active so that we don’t have to spend hours at the gym? NEAT is your answer!

How to have a NEAT Filled Life

In keeping with the type of site that this is,  Let’s consider NEAT around the house. It’s easy to find NEAT activities around the house! Simply identify the activities that you pay someone else to do! Is someone else mowing our lawn? Is someone else managing your garden? Do you have a pool company? Does someone coming to wash your windows? Do you hire someone to come and clean your home? Do take your car to a detail shop for a vacuum, wash and polish?  These are all fantastic activities that you can do and you will not only save money but you will also save your health!

I do recommend that you use a company like South Coast Pressure washing to clean your home as there are chemicals and special equipment needed to do this safely!

How much is this NEAT worth?

Well, when I vacuum my home, it counts as 2 miles on my Smart Watch! Two miles can mean about 5K steps, and if your goal is 10k steps per day then you are half way there! What about mowing your lawn? Depending how big your yard it, you could potentially get 5k steps! So by mowing your own lawn you save money, and improve your health. Not only that, but when you see how awesome your lawn looks you feel a sense of pride and that is priceless!

You may object and say that you don’t have time; however, I say that any time spent on your health is NOT wasted and improved physical and emotional health is something worth making time for!

What are some ways YOU can introduce more NEAT activities into your daily routine?

So don’t discount your daily routine as a way to gain fitness and health after 40!

How Can I Help?

If you need more help to regain your health I have the guide for you! Order my ebook, Second Chance at Health- Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating

Buy now orange



Health Guide You Can Trust

Fit or Fat after 40?

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scale f
BMI Versus Tanita to determine Fitness or Fatness

In my book, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I discuss that the first step to determining one’s health status is weight. One of the most commonly used measurement is the Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index is a height to weight ratio and while it is a valuable starting point, there are a lot of variables that make it less reliable. Since this blog is mainly for middle aged people, I love to use the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger! When he was a beast, his height and weight ratio, that is his Body Mass Index (BMI) had him at >30, which put him in the obese category. Clearly the man, at his peak of training, was anything but obese and this illustrates that not all pounds are equal.

One of the more specific tools that can be used to assist in determining health status is the Tanita scale. If you’ve been reading any of my blogs you will know that I tout this scale relentlessly. It has useful data about body composition rather than just a ratio number. Monitoring your body composition is an important aspect of health management. The Tanita company is one provider that has this technology in the bag. According to their website they have been in business since 1944, and their only business is scales. Please see their website link at the end of the article.

The technology uses bioelectrical impedance that is measured as it passes through hydrated body tissues (muscle, fat, bone).This type of body composition assessment has been supported by science and validated by many studies. Their website states that their accuracy is within 50-100 grams!

As you know if you’ve been reading my blogs and Facebook posts, I only talk about what I have personal experience with and this Tanita brand is what I have used professionally and personally.

Professionally I used this when I worked at a fabulously successful weight loss franchise in Austin, Texas, Med-Weight Loss: The One that Works! They used the professional Tanita scale product and this was one of the program parameters that really helped people stay on track.

The parameters that I find helpful include:

Weight Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Fat % Metabolic Age
Fat Mass Visceral Fat Rating
Fat Free Mass Ideal Body Weight
Muscle Mass Physique Rating
Total Body Water %
Total Body Water
Bone Mass

How Does this Magic Work?

It does seem like magic, but there is science behind it. Bioelectrical Impedance is a safe, (if you do not have an implanted medical electrical device) low level, electrical signal that enters your body through your feet for the step on scales and your hands for the hand-held types. The signal passes quickly through tissue that is highly hydrated like muscle and body tissue and more slowly through fat tissue. This difference is measured by the computer in the machine and uses special scientifically validated formulae to calculate the body’s composition.

These scales should not be used if you have any implanted medical device such as a heart pacemaker. Additionally, it is not recommended that pregnant women use this technology!

Why Do I Recommend Using the Tanita Scale?

I recommend using scales that give this data because weight alone is not the best indicator of a healthy body! Being overfat can cause a multitude of serious health issues. Analysis can reveal if body composition is in the healthy range. For example, being skinny fat, this is a condition when one is within the normal weight range, however they have higher than acceptable body fat percentages. This normal weight person then has an increased risk for developing some of the same serious health condition associated with being obese. In average cases the BMI is a fabulous starting point to assist in determining if exercise or eating plan adjustments need to be made, but for specific plans I recommend using the Tanita scale information! Indeed, if Arnold Schwarzenegger had his weight measured on the Tanita scale, I am sure his body fat percentage would be lower than 8% (that is a guess so don’t hold me to it and but the internet estimates it between 6-8%).

The Tanita scale company provides many options for models that offer the parameters that I listed, some models have more features and some have fewer. Some of the models are blue tooth ready even!

I have always had access to the professional models which are priced in the thousands. Consumer models are priced much more affordably at between under $100 to under $600 for the top models with many more features than I am familiar with!

In my opinion, the Tanita brand is the Cadillac of scales that offer these features, and in keeping with my brand of recommendation, I have used it with success and recommend purchasing one of these machines. (Oh and I am certainly not paid for this recommendation….they don’t know me from Adam, but tell them sent you!)

If you are middle aged and are healthy and want to stay that way, using the Tanita scale can help.

If you are middle aged and have some health issues, my ebook Second Chance at Health: Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating can help you!

Nursechrisp11 final thumbnail for ejunky

Buy the book now!

I look forward to hearing from you!

And just for the record if you have any medical electronic implantable devices… or are pregnant… DO NOT USE THIS SCALE…

Abs After 40

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Once we hit our forties, we have to admit that our physiques are harder to maintain than ever before. What worked in our twenties and thirties does not seem to be working in our forties! Is it over? Are we destined to fade away into our senior years?

I say NOOOO! As we age, our hormone balance changes, which is natural, and along with those changes body composition will also change. Mid-life means that there will be gradual increased fat deposits and muscle loss (called sarcopenia) but we can maintain healthy and attractive bodies beyond our middle years with some adjustments to our diets and exercise regimens. In my book Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I discuss diet and exercise regimens that work for middle aged people.

In my experience middle age men and women will often ask me what the best exercise, and my answer is the one that you will do. They laugh, I laugh, but it’s true. More knowledge is not going to change your middle. Applying your knowledge will!

The Six Pack Abs are Just in the Cooler

Abs after 40 are NOT impossible to obtain! The first bit of information that a middle aged person should obtain is their body fat percentage. I have found that many of my clients do not have an absence of abdominal muscles, but as the saying goes “their four or six pack is just in the cooler”. If this is the case, and there is abdominal fat around the trunk of the person versus visceral fat, which I will discuss later in the article, then lowering the body fat will often be what reveals their abdominal muscles.

Body fat percentage recommendations vary depending on age and gender, but generally speaking for an adult middle aged male the body fat percentage should be between 8-19.9%, and 23-33.9 % for adult females. When body fat percentage is higher than these, the muscles that are there are covered in fat tissue! The way to reduce body fat is by changing your diet!

The Tanita scale is a specialized scale that will give you data using electrical impedence to determine many parameters, but the ones that I find most important are total body fat and visceral body fat percentage (for this article). Visceral body fat is the fat that is located around the body organs in the abdominal cavity. Those with high visceral body fat tend to be apple shaped, and have a large protruding round abdomen. This type of abdominal fat is more resistant to fat loss than fat that is not considered visceral fat. Losing visceral fat is not impossible, but it takes more dedication and more time to lose than the other type.

Lose the Cooler

So my suggestion for those with body fat higher than their recommended is to LOSE to the highest number in the range, 19.9% for males and 33.9% for females, and then assess how you feel about your abs! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised that they ARE there, and had been all along! If you feel that you want more definition, and then seek to be closer to the lower end of the normal range.

For those with visceral fat, your goal will be the same body fat percentage; however, losing fat in the abdomen will be later than in other areas of the body. I have seen men get frustrated that they lose their butts and then still have a large protruding belly. I tell them to persevere and eventually that visceral fat will disappear and then they can remodel their bodies through proper exercise.

So how do you get abs after 40? FIND them! Lose your body fat to within normal range and on the lower range if you want smashing abs.

Good Ab Exercises to Do

Of course I have some suggestions to build them as well! The best exercises for abs over 40 include the old school sit ups, crunches, side crunches, lower leg lefts, flutter kicks and planks (regular and side)! The BEST exercises for abs are the ones that you will do.
You can start out with 3 sets of 10 progressing to 5 sets of 10. My rule of thumb for the number of repetitions that I aim for is my age! Progress to doing the number of repetitions to your age in years! That way you will always be doing more! So your goal will be 3 to 5 sets of say 42, then next year 43 and so on!

Mid-life is not the time to give up on yourself, indeed, at mid-life you can take your second chance at health and head into your retirement years looking and feeling awesome! You won’t be looking like a twenty something, but you will look and feel like a healthy 50 something!

I have written a book just for us in middle age, called Second Chance at Health: Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating! In my book you will find suggestions for eating plans and exercise plans that can help you get your body fat percentage to within normal limits to find those abs!

Order my book now to discover the BEST diet and exercise plans for YOU!

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Photo by Pixabay on – independent tests and reviews of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements

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— Read on

Great information on timing of supplements and medicine!