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I write about and post information geared towards mid life men and women who are interested in regaining health, losing weight and improving or maintaining fitness.

But is mid-life really any different than doing this when we were 20 or 30? Absolutely!

The human body, although an amazing entity will need additional attention as we age.

It will need thoughtful nutrition support, the right amount and type of fuel. This fuel must be proportionate to how much activity we get.

Activity becomes increasingly important as we move away from our youthful days. Our bodies are less adaptable to being sedentary and consistency is key.

So what is the key to health, wellness and fitness into the middle year’s?

Clean eating and an active lifestyle. This is not meant to sound trite. On the contrary it is the only way.

If you’d like more information on how to change your life in the next few months, comment ‘book’ below and I will send you additional information!

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