Take Steps to Get Better

Making a decision to change things in your life can seem like the easy part. Actually following through and getting better can be more difficult. We all have been gung ho about the annual New Year's resolution to only give it up and stop after a month. But have you really given yourself enough time to make a change? Are you been frustrated with your progress? Maybe you feel like the effort was not worth it because you didn't obtain your goal.

Evaluate Your Goals

Maybe you should re-evaluate your goal. Since this is a fitness and health blog, I will relate it to regaining health. Perhaps your goals are too lofty, and you want to be great again. Maybe it has been too many years and everything seems impossible to change. Your habits are engrained over years and it seems impossible. It may be impossible to be as great as you were in your 20's, but perhaps you can be better than you were last month?

I challenge you to choose something and follow the steps in this blog Nobody Can Stop Getting Better to get better! I am here to tell you it's not going to be easy, but take a step towards being BETTER then reach for GREAT again.

Second Chance to Get Better

If you want help choosing something to get better at, like eating better or finding an exercise program that you can improve on order my book Second Chance at Health: Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating to help you find the plan to start!