Can I Drink on My Diet?

Can I drink on a diet?

Choosing to adjust your lifestyle for health should involve adjusting your nutrtion and movement. One common question from many of my patients is about alcohol. They want to know if drinking alcohol is “allowed” on a diet. The simplest answer is yes and no.

When this question comes up I ask them about their drinking habits. Most often it is that they use it to decompress after work or they just like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

Drinking alcohol has two significant problems within a weight loss diet program. First, it has additional empty calories that would best be filled with nutritious foods. Secondly, the alcohol can cause inhibition and result in not following your weightloss plan.

What do I Think

My recommendation is that during the initial 4-6 weeks of any eating plan for weight loss, alcohol should be avoided.

After that a choice needs to be made. And that choice is whether or not you are ok with delaying your weightloss goals for a drink.

Can I drink alcohol on a keto diet and stay in ketosis?

Yes it is possible to do this by ensuring that you keep your carb count at your predetermined level including the alcohol.

What kind is alcohol is best? None. But if you do imbibe – the clear liquors mixed with non calorific mixers is best.

A 3-4 ounce pour of a good wine will have about 7 g of carbs.

When I was in the keto diet I liked my wine and I’d have a small pour occasionally.

So as with everything… this is your life… balance is the key. Enjoy your life but do yourself no harm.

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