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Proven Food for Fitness

strength training

Many of us are either focused on aerobic activity or weight lifting and resistance training. But for fitness do you need both? In my opinion doing both is important. How can we maximize the benefits of both? Ensuring the proper food and supplements are taken at the right time can help! Click on the article below to read more!

Proven Food for Fitness

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Two Great Ways to Maintain Motivation

I hear the strumming of my alarm far off  in the distance. I roll over feeling the chill of the sheets. I pull my arm out and pick up my phone. 4:58 am. I groan inwardly and fall back into the softness of my pillow. The conversation starts. “You woke up at least three times last night, skip it this morning, you can work out after work this afternoon.” says the devil little devil in one ear. Then the adorable angel whispers into my other ear with these encouraging words, “Thirty minutes goes by whether you sleep or whether you exercise, if you are tired, do your yoga.” Just like Fred Flintstone knew which one to listen to, I do too.

To find out two of my regular methods click the link below!

Maintaining motivation angel and devil