Calcium for Health



What is Calcium?


What are the benefits of calcium? 


Calcium is a mineral that is required for many important body functions. Most of us will think of bones when we think of calcium, but in reality it is important to many systems in our bodies. Calcium is important for bone health, but it is also important for our heart, muscles and nerve function. Some studies are showing that calcium plays a vital role in protection from cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.


Calcium is available in food as well as in supplemental form. The supplements come in many forms, from tablets, chews, capsules and liquid form.


Calcium is not produced by our bodies. Therefore we need to ingest it.


Risks of too little calcium include loss of bone mass for adults and short stature for children. The amount of calcium needed changes over the lifespan and is related to your sex. Too much calcium can cause other problems. So ensuring that you meet, but don’t exceed the requirements for your age and sex and life state is important.


Do you need to take it with food? No


Does it interfere with the absorption of other nutrients?  


No, but it does interfere with many different type of medications like antibiotics, blood pressure medicine, synthetic thyroid medicine, bisphosphonates, and calcium channel blockers. You may need to take calcium supplements with your meals or between meals. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist about any interactions with your specific medicine.


Does anything interfere with calcium absorption? Yes, it has been shown that to absorb calcium your body also needs the proper amount of Vitamin D.


Does it matter what time of day you take it? Yes and no. It will depend on what other medicines you take.


Do you have recommendations for breakfast, lunch or dinner? No, timing will depend on other medicines you take.


Any tips of types/forms of calcium supplement for people to take.  There are many forms. There are varying amounts of elemental calcium in each form. Elemental calcium is the form that your body absorbs, so read the labels of your favorite supplement. Taking the proper dose will ensure that you are meeting and not exceeding your needs.


Calcium carbonate is the least expensive. Some side effects of the supplements may include gas and constipation. Calcium carbonate but is the most constipating. Trying the various forms can help you determine which one works best for you.




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