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10 Things to do Every Day in 2019

New Year’s resolutions are in the planning stages for most people. Even for those of us who don’t typically make “official” resolutions it might be a good idea to consider these suggestions.

Perhaps 2018 was the best year that you ever had and you hope that 2019 will bring as much joy. Perhaps your 2018 was worse than bad and you can’t wait to see it in your rear view mirror. Or perhaps, 2018 was just a “meh”year. Regardless, 2018 is over. Keep those good memories, discard the past, and take wisdom into your 2019.

Here is a list of ten things to do daily (and the why’s) in 2019 for health, wealth, prosperity and joy.

  1.  Be thankful: being thankful for what you have, and for what you desire. The act of being thankful tells your body that it is a fact, and often the universe acts accordingly.
  2. Be generous: decide to give a certain percentage of your money away. There is a force that works in this world that is antithetical to selfishness. When we give we get. Period.
  3. Walk more: the benefits of walking physically, emotionally and spiritually are hard to underestimate. If you walk outside with a friend or spouse, this can be a time to catch up or a time to just “be” together”. Sun and fresh air are good for the soul. Aim for 10 K steps per day.
  4. Pray: prayer will change your life and others. Petitioning prayer is the act of commissioning a higher being to act on your behalf or another’s. This helps you AND the person being prayed for. Sometimes this is all we can do, and it IS powerful.
  5. Write in a journal. Writing in a private journal can keep your dreams alive. It can keep your anxieties at bay and when re-reading the future it can be interesting to read.
  6. Eat an apple a day. Eating an apple a day is good for digestion, skin, teeth and overall health. The smallest ones are the proper serving size. My favorites are Macintosh and granny smith.
  7. Greet your spouse and children with a smile and enthusiasm when you see them at the end of the day. A positive greeting and a smile will set the stage for a pleasant evening. When my children would come home one by one I would say to them, “How is my favorite 8th grader?Or “I am so glad to see my favorite youngest child”.  Think about how your family dog greets you when he sees you…with unadulterated joy…just because you are you…give that feeling to someone else.
  8. Dock your electronic devices and/or only use for business purposes. Limiting screen time will improve your sleep, your posture and your mood.
  9. Eat more vegetables. Ensure that you eat vegetables at each meal. This helps ensure that you get the vitamins and fiber that your body needs to be healthy. Frozen fruits and vegetables are just fine to eat if you can’t keep fresh on hand.
  10. Keep a tidy home. Make your bed every day. Order improves your mood, your mind and your emotions.
  11. Laugh more. Laughing improves the amount of good feeling hormones, and who does not want to feel good. Your body does not know the difference between a fake laugh or a real laugh. Try it…fake laughing turns into real laughing within seconds.

This list is not a magic list, but they work…so maybe it is a magic list.

If we fail to plan then we plan to fail. Make 2019 a crazy joyful and peaceful year. You are in control of you, only you can take steps to be happy and healthy where you are.

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