Laughing Can Lower Your Blood Sugar!

Laughing does the body good.

What is Diabetes Type 2?

Diabetes type 2 is diagnosed when your fasting blood sugar is found to be over 126 mg/dL and is verified as being at that level consistently overtime. Diabetes type 2 is most often a result of obesity along with a sedentary lifestyle. It is diagnosed with a blood test.

How is Diabetes Type 2 Treated?

Once diabetes type 2 is identified treatment will includemedicine (usually by mouth), and lifestyle changes. These life stylerecommendations include lowering intake of carbohydrates and increasingphysical activity. Those sound like very common and very pedestrianrecommendation…

What Can Cause Blood Sugar Elevations?

Excessive foods, including sweets can cause excessive blood sugars. A sedentary lifestyle can cause blood sugars to rise. Medications can result in elevated blood sugars. For example medicines for high cholesterol and high blood pressure can cause blood sugars to increase. Another commonly prescribed medicine given for inflammation is steroids, and these can cause blood sugars to increase.

But did you know, in addition to external things, internalemotions can affect our blood sugars? Yes! Stress, anxiety, fear and sorrowhave been shown to result in elevated blood sugars. It has been shown thatthese emotions affect our hormones in a negative way and produce physicalchanges.

Ok, here is the fun part…positive emotions can have apositive effect on our blood sugar. In a Japanese study, the participantsattended a lecture, one with no jokes and the next day attended a comedylecture, and the blood sugars were checked via finger stick. The ones who hadattended the funny lecture and laughed had reduced post lunch blood sugars.They concluded that there were two possible explanations: first, that themuscles used for laughing used up some of the sugar in the blood, and second,that the laughter actually created chemical changes in the body resulting inlower blood sugars. Whatever the “cause”, the result was a better and lowerblood sugar. So the conclusion of the study was that laughter inhibits the riseof blood sugar after eating.

The FUN way to Lower your Blood Sugar

So to revisit my promise that I would tell you the fun wayto reduce your blood sugar…is to laugh daily.

We all have different funny bones, so you will have to seekout what makes you giggle. Here are some fun suggestions:

-Join a laughing yoga (yes that is real) check out this link.  Laughter Yoga 

They even have a skype laughter clubs 

Your body cannot tell the difference between real laughterand fake laughter, it responds the same!

  • Hang around your funny friend(s)
  • Spend time with young children
  • Que up some of your favorite YouTube Videos
  • Look for comical occurrences in everyday life
  • Keep your favorite funny movies available
  • Read your favorite comics daily
  • Fake laugh every day for 15-20 minutes if youhave not laughed by the end of the day

So what are you waiting for? Take your prescribed medicine, eat a healthy diet, get up and move, andLAUGH!

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