Christmas Present Wish List 2018


Growing up in the 1970’s the annual Sears Christmas catalog arrival was anticipated excitedly by my brother and sister and I. We each took turns perusing the pages and dreaming of all of the toys that we hoped Santa would bring and leave under the tree. I would pour over that book daily and circle the toys that I hoped Santa would bring.

Fast forward to being the adult purchasing the presents, we no longer have the Christmas Book from Sears, but we do have Amazon wish lists.

A few years ago, I began a tradition that greatly simplified gift giving for my adult(ish) children. We began using four easy categories, which simplifies the gift buying and helps keep the focus away from extreme materialism. There is generally a list of items in each category so that there will be some surprise on Christmas morning when we open gifts.

Here are the categories

1. Something you want.
2. Something you need.
3. Something to wear.
4. Something to read.

These categories have simplified and enhanced our gift giving. There is generally a list of items in each category so that there will be some semblance of surprise on Christmas morning.

The first year that we did this, our son asked for a flat screen TV, and our oldest daughter asked for a Bible (as their wants). My son-in-law looked at our son’s TV, and exclaimed to his wife (our daughter who received the Bible)  “NEXT year you better want a flat screen TV!” When times are good we love blessing our children.

What do you want in these categories?

Here is my list: Want: Tanita Scale for home; Need: vacuum for the boat; Wear: scrubs for work; Read: audio book points.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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