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In Your Face Reminders for Fitness After 40 and the Holidays!


sticky note

Ok, so you have a strategy, and you are on a roll and someone has brought Christmas treats…ohhh…the temptation…they smell so good!

Then you look up and see your yellow sticky note with your goal weight on it and your weekly weigh in weights and they are decreasing, what a great reminder, the treat is not worth the derailment of your plan.

Reminders to myself have helped me to stay focused when I am tempted. I have posted reminders to myself in various places. I post them in the most frequent places where I will be reminded, I want my reminders in my face! I put them on my bathroom mirror, on my fridge, on my pantry door, in my pantry, on the dash of my car, on my computer! I didn’t develop my plan to fail, actually it’s the opposite! The notes are part of my strategy!

Doing some self-reflection and taking action on what you discover and being creative about how you address your temptations will help you stay on track!

Don’t let the holidays derail your health plan. Holidays, vacations, birthdays and other family gathering always happen. Plan accordingly.

I believe in balance, as this is our only time on this earth. Enjoy it as much as you can. Small portions of most treats are allowed after your goal is achieved.

Stay healthy and maintain your health gains this season!

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