Estimated Calorie Needs and Fitness after 40


Have you ever wondered what you daily calorie needs are?

Sustained caloric intake just under your daily caloric needs is the best plan for creating a calorie deficient that over time will result in the body right sizing to a healthy weight. Lowering daily calories consumed by 300-500 calories a day  will result in slow and steady weight loss. Estimated calorie needs based on physical activity level is useful to know. Many of us overestimate our needs.

This table includes children, however, do NOT put a child on a calorie restricted diet without the guidance of a special medical doctor or dietitian. For children, limiting processed foods and offering wholesome foods will right size them most of the time.

The activity levels- Sedentary-Moderately Active-Active are outlined below the table.


An ideal goal for obese or overweight people is to lose 10% of their body weight within the first 6 months of a program. The reduction of calories by 300-500 kcal per day will enable this goal to be met.

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