How not to be Invisible

This has been on my mind lately, and I could not even add my usual tag line “for fitness after 40”, because feeling invisible can happen at any age.

To be a healthy human being, emotional health is as important as physical health. And like physical health there are actions that you can take to improve your emotional health. The actions that I will discuss in this post will take you from feeling invisible to being an important part of someone’s day.

The change starts with YOU. In order to positively change your life…you need to change.

Step Number 1:

Practice smiling in the mirror before you leave for work. Practice a real smile, one that lights up your eyes and crinkles the corners. Practice this smile as many times as you need to, I do it 48 times because I am 48.

Step Number 2:

While at work, when someone approaches your desk or walks into your office, stop what you are doing and give them your full attention with the smile that you practiced in the morning.

Step Number 3:

Greet your husband/wife/kids/mother/father with that same smile, regardless of how your day went. When you see them you can create a special moment for them with your smile.

Step Number 4:

When you are being served by an employee, greet them with that smile that you practiced that morning. Look them in the eye and smile, really smile. They will appreciate your expression of kindness.

Step Number 5

Just before you go to sleep at night, give yourself that smile and feel your body relax as you drift off to sleep.

How does smiling make you not invisible? Feeling invisible means that you are not present in a situation, it means that there is no connection between you and other people.

In America, a smile, a genuine smile connects souls. Connection with your fellow human beings creates positive feelings. Positive feelings create emotional health.
How not to be invisible?

Smile. Try it…


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