Exercise can Lower Cholesterol for Fitness after 40

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Physical activity is an important aspect of life, and getting enough of it can seem impossible. I have discussed many benefits of physical activity. You should read my other posts, Improved Muscle Strength,  Post Exercise Hypotension and of course in my book, Second Chance at Health. Now I have one more benefit to share with you, it can lower your cholesterol!

Exercise and Cholesterol Reduction

A single bout of aerobic exercise can result in immediate decreases of  blood cholesterols. Specifically, the triglycerides decrease by 10-25%, and high-density lipoproteins  increase (HDL- the “good”cholesterol). These changes were noted after 1-2 days for untrained and trained adults. They expended between 350 kcal – 500kcal and 1000 kcal respectively per exercise session.

This research article did not describe what exercises they did, but the exercises that could expended this number of calories varies. It could include walking at a fast pace, 4.5 -5 miles per hour for 1 hour, gardening for 1 ½ hours, biking at 14-16 mile/hour for 30 min, or jumping rope for 30 min.

How does this translate into real life?

I suggest that if you are trying to regain your health, that you focus on adding additional activity to your day. If you work long hours and want to just sit on the couch when you get home, you have three options.

  1. Opt for increasing your exercise during the day with NEAT, (taking the farthest parking spot, taking the stairs, standing at your desk, taking a walking lunch, using the farthest restroom).
  2. Exercise BEFORE you go to work.
  3. Or every commercial do squats, jumping jacks, arm circles, burpees, sit ups. You get the picture. Even if you did this every other day, you will have your body working for you for a day or two after.

Choosing an active life style that includes eating wholesome foods most of the time can greatly reduce your chances of needing medication support as you age. If you opt to adopt an active lifestyle with wholesome foods, then you could even reduce or eliminate any medications prescribed for many diseases.

I have written a book that can guide you to the best exercise and eating plans for your individual likes, needs and desires.

Order your book now to seize your second chance at health.

Bounds, RG, Grandjean PW, Obrien BC, Inman C, Crouse SE. Diet and short term plasma lipoprotein-lipid changes after exercise in trained men. Int J Sport Ntur Exerc Metab 2000:10:114-27.

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