How to Lower Blood Pressure for Fitness after 40

Physical activity is an important aspect of life, and getting enough of it can seem impossible. I have discussed many benefits of physical activity.  See my other posts Pre-Diabetes, Active Living, Insulin Resistance and of course in my book, Second Chance at Health. Now I have one more benefit to share with you.

Post Exercise Hypotension

Another fascinating physiological benefit that occurs after exercise is lowered blood pressure. The medical name is post exercise hypotension. This effect has been established for a long time and it is more noticeable in people with hypertension.  Amazingly, a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic numbers occurs and persists for up to almost a day (22 hours). The reduction demonstrated are 11 mmHg for systolic and 6 mmHg for diastolic readings. This means, if your blood pressure is normally 140/90, it can be reduced to 129/84!

You don’t have to run or even jog. It is demonstrated that low intensity exercise, as defined as 40% maximal heart rate, can result in post exercise hypotension that can last all day! So even a slow stroll can improve your blood pressure.

(To calculate your maximum heart rate, it is recommended to subtract your age from 220. To calculate your the 40% you would multiply that number by .40. For example, I am 48, thus 220-48=172. 172 x.40=69.

How does this translate into real life?

Just start walking! It is the best low intensity exercise! Do it daily and you will reap the benefits.

What are the benefits?

Short term your blood pressure will drop, if you keep it up long term your medication may be reduced.

You will feel better.

You will have a more positive outlook on life.

In my book, Second Chance at Health, I can help you discover the best eating plans and exercise plans that will change your life.

Purchase my book today and grab your second chance at health.

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