Aging Gracefully After 40

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Aging after 40- How to do it gracefully. Aging happens. Period. In my book Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating I can help you ensure that as you age you remain as healthy as you can be.

There are telltale signs of aging. Some accept it gracefully and some are going down kicking and screaming. I vacillate between the two. One of my peers told me that there are three signs of a woman over 40. Crooked bottom teeth, bat wings and a fat belly. I cringed.

I began to think about the reasons for those three physical signs and wondered to myself why those three changes occur. Then of course asked myself if there is anything that can be done about such obvious issues! Thankfully there are.

Body changes occur continually, but after 40 there seems to be an acceleration of hormone changes. These changes invariably result in the classic signs of aging. These changes do occur at different ages for many, but generally it will happen to us all!

In this post I will just discuss crooked bottom teeth, bat wings and belly fat.

 What Can be Done?

Crowded Teeth

Crowding and tooth movement often occurs as bone loss occurs due to hormone changes. Our hormones affect how our body functions and even affects our bones.  Along with tooth changes from bone loss in the jaw, women may begin experiencing joint pain.

For crowded teeth braces are an option. Adults wearing braces have increased incredibly over the years. Additionally, you should obtain a vitamin D level. You can get this at your doctors or you could go to my Ulta Lab Website and have it done without and order. If the result is abnormal, then you could take the result to your primary care doctor and seek his advice on treatment. You should also consider increasing your body weight exercising, like walking or running. These activities can improve bone calcification as the body responds to the impact on the skeleton and can rebuild the bones. Ensuring that you consume foods that are high in calcium is also needed. If you want to take a calcium supplement, make sure to take one that has good reviews.

Bat Wings

Bat wings, the area behind your arm, can be improved the fastest with push-ups. Focusing on triceps exercises will improve the wiggly arm syndrome. Such exercises can be done without gym equipment.  You can use light weight hand weights and do the triceps extension. If you like to go to the gym and have equipment there, you can do pulley triceps extensions and lat pull-downs.  Start slowly and build up your strength. It will take a while to firm up that muscle.

Menopause Belly

The distribution of fat changes when estrogen wanes during peri-menopause and menopause. Often the fat is now deposited disproportionately from the hips, thighs and buttocks to the abdomen. There is nothing simple to ward this one off. Focus on increasing the intensity and the frequency of your exercise. Ensuring that you monitor your diet is important.  Balance energy and energy out. Pay attention to serving size, and food choices. Sadly, as we age we will need to eat less and exercise more. It’s a harsh reality. But if you are willing to accept this, then you can make better choices.

So, whether you are one who is accepting your changing body, or if you are the one who is fighting it…ensuring that you stay healthy, is ultimately the most important. Maintaining a healthy weight and having adequate vitamin D levels, and adequate strength to prevent injury is very important at mid-life.

Aging happens. Period. In my book Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating I can help you ensure that as you age you remain as healthy as you can be. Click on the buy book now button and purchase it to begin today.

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