Is Not Exercising One Of The Worst Things That You Can Do?

This study showed how being out of shape may be associated with a higher likelihood of earlier death and how this compared to smoking or having diabetes,
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Finding the right exercise or movement program is important! I recommend that we take a trip down memory lane to rediscover our favorite types of exercise!

What did you do as a kid to be active that didn’t seem like exercise? Do the activity or exercise that brings back the smile!

Did you love to cross country ski? I grew up in Canada and could do that as a kid! I’d do it again in a minute! Waxing and getting the skis ready!

I run! I have run or jogged since I was 7! And that’s a looong time! That still makes me smile!

What about you? What activity makes you smile? Do that one… or a grown up form of it 😁

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