The “He** Yeah” Moment

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The “Hell Yeah” Moment
By Kevin Brooks

Your Choice: Yes or No

Any time you decide to try something for the first time, whether it’s for or a sport, new pants or a new route to work, whatever, we have a simple choice to make: yes or no. Fitness is no different. We all want to say yes. Because we all want to look and feel better. The reality of getting fit and then staying that way is hard. It’s very hard. It’s exhausting to work out, and it’s tough to wake up earlier or go to bed later. It tough to leave the cookies on the shelf, to pick that dumbbell up and put it down over and over and over again.

The vast majority of people that begin a journey towards being fit fail. I would love to own a gym in January, I don’t say that in a cynical way. In huge numbers people make New Years resolutions to finally get fit then very quickly they realize that it doesn’t just take work, but hard work. Lots of it. So they quit. They fail to reach an important milestone. It can take weeks to get there and in that time, the dedication to a proper  diet and working out can’t be compromised.

The Milestone

The milestone I refer to is what I call the “Hell Yeah” moment. This is the first time you stand in front of a mirror and you know without a doubt that it’s working. You see it. You can actually see results on yourself and since we are typically our own worst critic this moment is, in my opinion, your true doorway into fitness. You’ll hear people tell you that you are looking good. They will say you are looking thinner, but until you see it for yourself, because of your own habitual self-criticism, you wont’ be convinced. And then there you are, out of the shower and in the mirror and you see it on yourself, (or perhaps off yourself), and you have to turn a little and check it out and nod in your head and say “hell yeah”.

Stick to It

People ask me about what I did and how I stay motivated and what I ate and how I worked out and what I always is is find the work out plan that works for you, as we are all different. Eat right and STICK TO IT. Don’t allow any excuses, and stick to it. IF you can do this you’ll make it.

After you reach the “Hell Yeah” moment is when  I think you’re most likely to continue on and reach your goals. You will also begin to make new ones.

Don’t Rush It

Remember that if you decide to try the latest fad diet to lose weight quickly, that’s fine. Those diets work. They are also temporary. You’re not going to continue to eat (or drink) the same foods that you did for three weeks to drop your weight. The best path to becoming fit is to simply do it right, and doing it right is not a quick thing. There’s no reason to try to expedite anything. Taking your time, eating right and sticking to these eating habits and sticking to your workouts will develop habits and these habits are key, it’s about sustainability after all, to continue to look and feel better.

Make No Excuses for Your Own “HELL YEAH” Moment

If you start off the right way, draw a line in the sand against your excuses from the very beginning and stick with it. You’ll get your “Hell Yeah” moment and you’re on your way.

Thank you Kevin for your time and willingness to share!

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