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Six Steps to Eliminate Medications

Reduce or Eliminate Medication and Feel Better after 40!

As a nurse practitioner, I understand the burden of lifestyle diseases and their treatments. Lifestyle diseases are ones that creep up on you…you wake up in your mid 40’s and realize that you are on medicine for blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. It seems that your body is falling apart.

You are not destined to experience the same health as your parents. Although there is a genetic component to many of the diseases, your lifestyle can decrease or eliminate how they will show up in YOUR life.

Many lifestyle related illness and diseases are insidious and we often don’t know how bad we feel until we start feeling better. High blood pressure is called the silent killer because you often don’t know that you have it until the damage is done! Diabetes type 2 is often hard to spot until it is acute. Only once you have the sugars under control do you recognize that you have not felt good for a long time.

Feeling physically well also helps us feel emotionally well. Physical health makes us more resilient to the normal ups and downs of life.

Make a commitment to improve your health! You will feel better and wake up with joy and vitality each day.

You may be the one that changes someone else’s life as well. When they see you making changes, they take encouragement from that. Whose hero are you going to be?

Medications themselves, although useful, have side effects that can affect how you feel. You can live with little to no medication support, and be side effect free. How about being able to keep more of  your time and money to yourself and your loved ones.   Your money won’t  have to going it to your doctors or  to hospitals.

But How?

Well, first understand that your genetics and your lifestyle played a part in your health over time. In your 30’s you may have gained weight and become more sedentary. You may have noticed that you had to buy bigger clothes before they went out of style or wore out 😊 Many of the lifestyle diseases occur because of too much food and too little exercise.

I have a 6-step plan that can help you to reduce or eliminate your medicines. It will take time, work and commitment on your part, but you CAN regain your health.

Step One

-Complete the Healthy Body Checklist

Step Two

-Identify one or two health issues to address
-One should be weight IF you are overweight

Step Three

-Choose the eating plan that will best improve your specific health issue
-High Blood Pressure- DASH Diet or Mediterranean Diet
-Diabetes Type 2- low carbohydrate/low calorie diet

Step Four

-Choose  the exercise/movement plan that will increase your activity level. (Take a trip down memory lane and go do the activity that you loved to do as a child or teenager)
-Count your steps and add 500 additional steps per day until you are walking 10K steps per day

Step Five

-Choose some reasonable targets and set a start date
-Weight- your first target weight loss should be a 10% weight loss
-Exercise- if sedentary set your goal to do your chosen activity 2 times a week, then after a month increase it to 3 times a week, then after that 4 times a week…you get the picture

Step Six

-Set up an appointment with your doctor when you have lost 10% of your weight!
-You may be able to reduce your medications at this visit!

Sustainable Changes

Sustainable lifestyle changes do not have to be earth shattering. Some of the most successful programs that I have seen work include simply lowering the intake of their favorite foods. Yes, they ate hamburgers and ice cream occasionally. They did not forbid themselves anything, but their commitment to their health helped them to refrain from indulging daily.

Freedom in Health

When health is attained, by which I mean, appropriate body parameters: body fat percentage, lab work, and hydration level; occasional dietary indiscretions are not catastrophic. Indeed, this IS your only life here on this earth…you can ENJOY life and GOOD health! They are not mutually exclusive.

Maintaining health can be reduced to three lifestyle actions

1. Making healthy food choices daily
2. Achieving and maintaining a normal weight
3. Regular physical activity

In my book, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, and it will help you ensure your success.

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