Eat Clean for Fitness and Health After 40!

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What is Clean Eating?

“Clean” is the new buzzword that you can’t get away from, and I do think that it is a fantastic term when it is used to describe food in its purest form . Eating foods that are in their purest form also happens to be the healthiest! In my books, clean eating means choosing foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats!

I recommend ensuring that the foods that you choose to eat within any eating plans are from “clean” type foods. Think foods that swim, run, fly, walk and grow! Foods recommended in the variety of eating plans should be in their most unprocessed form that are readily available. For example, rice, beans, legumes etc. are all whole foods, so don’t forego these because they are dried and in a bag! Or it can be as simple as eating a date instead of a candy bar! Sugar is still sugar, but a date is so much more than sugar. Dates are full of fiber, potassium, even some protein!

In addition to choosing these foods, clean eating also means limiting alcohol, and processed foods! Typically it is the food that is preserved in boxes and bags (think the center of the grocery stores), and added sugar!

Proper portion size is also an important aspect of all meal/nutrition plans, even ones that are “clean”.But make sure that the serving size is appropriate for your daily energy needs!

Clean eating will improve your fitness and health because it will provide you with the proper nutrients balance that your body needs!

Clean eating does not have to break the bank!

If you like to cook, planning meals and purchasing produce can be far less expensive than eating out.

Here is a simple day of eating to consider!

Clean Eating for a Day in Life:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs (50 cents); coffee (27 cents)

Morning Snack: 1 small apple (50 cents)

Lunch: Lettuce wrap sandwich with turkey pastrami and mustard and mayonnaise ($1. 25); ½ avocado (50 cents) diet coke ($1$) or water (can be free)

Snack: ½ dark chocolate bar ($1.50)

Dinner: baked chicken breast ($2); steamed broccoli (50 cents); salad ($1.50)

Snack: homemade brownie (12 cents)

Total: $9.39 for a DAY!

Even if you need more calories that are described in this example, the point is that clean eating does not have to be complicated or expensive!

Learning to love clean eating may seem like something that is hard to do!

I challenge you to make a change in your eating habits with regards to your food choices for 2 weeks and see you feel. When you make changes others will see them and they will follow your lead! Get prepared to become the expert and cheerleader for others who are trying to change! Your sense of vitality will be noticeable to those around you!

Eating simply can free up so much energy for other things, it can give you increased vitality and joy in life!

If you would like my help to find the BEST eating and movement plan for you, you need to read my ebook! It’s going to be available in August 2018!

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Happy eating!

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