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Benjamin Franklin is supposed to have said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. This commonly used phrase reveals an intimate understanding of the human mind.

I believe that there are two types of people in this world….those that can forget about eating and those that wake up wondering what they are going to eat! There is one of each in my household and I’ll give you one guess which one I am!

My dear husband will come to me complaining of a headache and my first question to him is usually “When did you eat last?” to which he replies after a pause, “Well, maybe dinner last night”, this never happens to me. Often I wake up planning my meals for the day. My husband eats for sustenance.

Planning is very necessary for those of us who do not eat for sustenance!

How do I do I stay on track and work my plan?

Step One:  Plan, plan and plan some more!

I. Know what your week looks like
II. Plan your meals
III. Have go to snacks available

Step Two:  Assess yourself for real physical hunger when you are thinking about eating outside of your plan!

I. If your stomach is gurgling, take a small snack (proper sized portion of a high quality clean food such as nuts, fruit, even a piece of dark chocolate).
II. If you don’t detect physical hunger, move to step three…

Step Three:  Determine what the real issue is…are you bored? Are you anxious? Emotional?

I. Whatever the feelings are, acknowledge them, and get up and do something!

Step Four:  Move!

I. Go for a walk
II. Go for a run
III. Add N.E.A.T to you day

Step Five:   Don’t skip meals

Step 6:   Keep tempting foods out of the house!

Identifying the best plan for you, that is the one that you will follow, is sometimes difficult. Fortunately for you I have simplified the process in my new ebook, Second Chance at Health- Learning to Love Active Living and Clean Eating!

My book will help you to identify the best plan that you will enjoy, which means that you will find that it is sustainable! In my book you can find some of the best and most successful weight and health management plans that I have come across. I will give you instructions on which one fits your likes, and dislikes, lifestyle and even your health needs! I take you through the process about how to identify your best movement plans and even some trouble shooting suggestions!

In my ebook, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I can help guide you to the eating plans, and movement plans that will benefit you.

Go to my website to order my book now!

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