Parents! Your Fitness Matters!

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Good news parents! You are super influential in your children’s lives and influential in their health! The studies show that there are significant ways mothers impact their children’s health, and it is by being healthy first!

There are five areas of a mother’s health that appear to have the biggest influence!

Her size (they studied Body mass Index- BMI- a simple height to weight ratio)
• Smoking habits
Eating habits
• Alcohol habits
• How active she is

One study showed that when a mom was healthy, which means that her BMI was between 18-25, she was a nonsmoker, she ate a healthy diet, did not consume alcohol in excess (for women, moderate drinking is less than one serving per day), and she was physically active and encouraged her kids to participate in sports, then her children had a 75 percent lower chance of being obese!

Taking care of yourself will set your children up to become the best people that they can be and avoid the health implications of obesity later in life!

My book, Second Chance at Health Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, can help you if you are overweight and underactive!

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