Lab Test Monitoring for Health

Recommended Timing for Lab Monitoring

Lab work/blood work monitoring might seem excessive when losing weight, but IF you are one of those people who want to see results, monitoring might be for you.

Typically for a well person, annual lab monitoring is adequate. However, once obesity related diseases show up, it’s time to monitor more frequently.

If you are on medication for diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure, and it’s a new diagnosis, it’s likely that your medical provider wants to check frequently. The labs my be every 3 months initially, then every 6 months, then annually. This is absolutely appropriate timing.

I have found that my patients who want to lose weight are interested to see if the diet is “working”. This usually means that they want to know “Is my cholesterol coming down?”, “Is my fasting blood sugar any better?”

You can now purchase lab tests on line without an order for a reasonable cost by a well known lab. You can then take these results to your own medical provider for discussion.

Easy Lab Testing

I have a site at Ulta Labs Nursechrisp where you can purchase labs without an order. Just make sure to take them to your doctor for interpretation.

If you opt to ask your primary care provider to order them more frequently, some insurance companies have a limit on how many times they will pay for testing, self pay may be an optioneven through your doctor.

In my Ebook, I recommend obtaining a baseline lab result test, and then at a maximum every 3 months to monitor your progress. I work with many engineers, and data is what drives them!

I have a form in myEbook that you can complete and take to your primary care provider to discuss your plan!

Happy Data Collecting!

In my ebook, Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating, I can help guide you to the eating plans, and movement plans that will benefit you.

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